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A lot of times, couples who came to me wanted to know what style of my wedding photography is. Maybe the best way to answer this question starts from answering the below question: Who am I? 

My name is Richie Liu. I am a photographer, swimmer, designer and succulent Lover. I fell in love with photographing weddings when I got married a few years ago. I always loved photography, however, it was not until our wedding day that I realised how beautiful it was to capture all those emotions, love, families, friendship, and stories around me. After that day, I couldn’t help thinking about all the little moments in my wedding, and couldn’t resist my passion to photograph more weddings and freeze those precious moments for the lifetime. Soon after, I started my own photography studio in Gold Coast, Australia.

Because I have been in my own wedding which touched my heart so deeply, I know what matters most to your wedding is who you are. All the weddings have similar sequence in some ways, however, each wedding is unique on earth and what makes each wedding different is the people in it. So I hear about your stories. I think this is so important that when I turn up on your wedding day, I am a part of your stories and photographing through hearts.

After trying to answer this question, I'd like to say that its rather an union of you and me and it's you through my eyes and heart. For me, the best comment of a photo I want to hear from you is ‘that is just who I was in that moment’. I wouldn’t set a perfect pose to make a perfect photo I am good at, but I want to unveil the true beauty in you. I wouldn’t create moments, but I want to capture all the moments in your story that matter.

I don’t want to put a tag on me, saying I am a wedding photographer or any other type of photographer, I’d rather say I am a photographer who love shooting any kind of stories and discovering and capturing all the hidden beauty in those little moments in life. I want to make those little moments always present that can be felt and touched.

Numerous trips in other countries and contact with different cultures has made it possible for me to incorporate my cultural and visual experience into my photography. 

I am emotional to every work I do and enjoy innovative communication and quality work. I am always searching for new ways of artistic expression. 


Many times, people asked me which are your favourite photos. I didn't know how to answer it until the 3rd January 2017.